new year, new sunny planner

woooooo! happy 2013, again and again. in prep for an organized schedule, i took my intern Aly’s tips and played with type on my new Moleskine planner. here’s how it rolled…
1. measure your Moleskine and comp up an InDesign doc with super fun type, something meaningful for the year’s plans. (i’m assuming this technique could work on a myriad of different substrates, but Moleskine hardcover journals work really well)


2. here’s the planner i chose from work (we carry Moleskine on all three of my sites!), i LOVE this uplifting yellow, but there are more colors to choose from. grab a ballpoint pen (you’ll need a viscous ink w/lots of sturdy resistance to your hand), your print out, painter’s tape and a fine and fat sharpie.


3. with painters tape, i simply cut out my print and lined it up (taking note of placement with the belly band)


4. begin tracing! damn, i remember loathing the type-trace project in school, but now i absolutely love it. so crazy, but any type dork would understand.
5. you should use a ton of pressure with your pen, so the shine of the ink and deboss shows through like in the 2nd picture.


6. when you’ve finished outlining all your letters (this took a few breaks so my hand could chill out – and so i could enjoy my wine, of course) you can remove the printout and painters tape. toss it! you won’t need it anymore, and you can start to 7. outline the debossed letters with a fine point sharpie. a blind deboss would be super cool too, but i preferred the contrast on this piece.


8. here’s a dorky picture of me celebrating almost finishing the outline. 9. the fun part – color it all in! with a big ol’ fat sharpie.


10. and voila!


here’s to a beautiful 2013. oh! and i also wanted to mention why i love this weekly planner format. each day has several lines, with one week in a spread. i can plan out my posts by title, and still have room for notes on content. a super weird thing i love to do is to write all tentative posts in pencil, and then erase and rewrite in pen when they’re posted. it’s very gratifying!

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