artful resolutions : waste ponds & swimming pools

i love a good bird’s eye view. truly, i guess i’ve always wanted to fly, hence my obsession with the angle. one curious mind that has a common love is Jenny Odell, found via my 20×200 subscription. she’s taken a number of different subjects, found their satellite views via Google, and has combined these fragments into beautiful patterns that i am absolutely swooning over! check out two for a little new year inspiration…

1. i will remember that my waste (whether the gross kind, mangled garbage kind, or even verbal/mental kind- yep- we’re talking karma) ends up somewhere. it doesn’t just magically disappear from my home…

77 Waste Ponds

77 Waste Ponds by Jenny Odell

2. i will swim more this year, for my health, for my chakra balance, and for my inner calm. i have been swimming all my life until i moved to Boulder, Colorado 4 years ago, so this will be my year to find a way to flounder around. look closely and you’ll see little swimming pools with little palm tree shadows!

125 Swimming Pools

125 Swimming Pools by Jenny Odell

thank you, Jenny for these magical collages from space! all images found via 20×
hey! in a beautiful moment of serendipity i just got word that prints by Jenny Odell are 20% off until January 9th at 11:59! use code JENNY at checkout. shop all of her prints here»

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