how Helvetica tote bags will help save the world

save the world with good typography!
yep, i’m totally serious. i might have a bit of an obsession with reusable totes, but considering the waste + pollution created from producing & consuming plastic grocery store bags, a reusable tote is worth every penny! not to mention they can absolutely be a statement piece – something that communicates who you are (eco-friendly & smart!) and what you love (Helvetica! or, of course any other design that suits ya’). since January is Helvetica month on this sunny little blog, i wanted to round-up some super-cool salutes to celebrate. most of them are created by artists from society6!
oh! and by the way, these Helvetica tote bags make fabulous gifts for techies, geeks, designers, and everyone in between.

Design Wine Sunshine | Helvetica Tote Bags

1. Like A Boss
2. Sassy Emoticon
3. Artsy Design Slogan In Tightly Kerned Helvetica
5. Oak Elm Birch Rowan Juniper
6. a perfect Valentine gift! Love Is Love Is…
7. Helvetica Bold
8. What The Hel Vetica
9. I Heart Helvetica
and a little surprise for those who would like to eliminate Helvetica Neue…