Happy Birthday, Aquarii!


Ooh, aquarius, how lovely do you look in purple facets? Through a little research i’ve learned you’re an independent, original & unconventional thinker, who’s loyal, and charitable. Next to all that, you’re witty and clever with a bit of a rebellious side. Go have fun in a new piece that resembles your aquarian nature… happy birthday!

1. 18 karat daisy key pendant
2. amethyst stalaite slice gold necklace : etsy
3. gold purple amethyst ring : etsy
4. verona amethyst earring
5. dome design amethyst cocktail ring : etsy
6. vintage gold brass pendant : etsy
7. energy muse intuition necklace
8. amethyst om hamsa triple pendant
9. aquarius zodiac constellation ring : etsy
10. gold and amethyst chunky bracelet : easy
11. bezel cut pendant necklace : etsy
12. amethyst glass earrings : etsy
13. sparklers amethyst cocktail ring
14. raw amethyst necklace : etsy

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