The Perfect Vday Gift for Wine Lovers


Why is a decanter my valentine gift of choice? A beautiful decanter is a piece that says many things – “here’s to a rock-your-world kinda night” / “bring on the cha-cha” / “let’s get this party started” / “let’s enjoy fun conversation and laughs with great company and a fab bottle of vino” / and it’ll be around for many valentine’s days to come, (hint, hint). They’re a great gift for every valentine; big love, little love, or unconditional friend-love. Plus, design-wise, they’re beeeeeauuuutiful! Some of these are hand-blown and can double as sculptural vases in their off-time. Here, i’ve gathered a little bit of everything, from modern and minimalist to adventurous and quirky. And just to be fair to my white wine pals, i tossed in the super-cool #12  // wink // cheers!

1. Ravenscroft Crystal Flight Decanter
2. I’m loving the straight-up minimalist design of this iittala 2 Quart Glass Decanter
3. Oval Oak Wine Carafe
4. For a festive table, Handblown Glass Decanter on Etsy
5. Riedel Amadeo Decanter
6. Kosta Boda Chateau Blue Decanter
7. This little guy is meant for small servings, so buy a few and have a blind taste test Wine Tasting Carafe
8. Tipsy? This decanter happily rolls around in sync Rocking Carafe
9. Ravenscroft Crystal Captain’s Decanter
10. Tour Carafe
11. La Rochere Hand Blown ‘Keops’ Glass Carafe
12. Toss in some ice and keep things cool in this Recycled Glass White Wine Decanter
13. Lenox Tuscany Classics Crystal Decanter
14. What a beauty! Murano Glass Handblown ‘Amber Ipanema’ Decanter
15. Riedel Swirl Decanter

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