Long Time No See! Hello Again

Design-Wine-Sunshine-Hello-AgainI’ve missed you guys! How have y’all been? 2013 took me by storm, and now I’m finally relaxin’ a bit. A great time to start a new adventure! Here’s what happened (in a nutshell) since my last post….

– I survived the winter! The endless winter. It snowed in June (grrrrr, Colorado!) and that’s all I’ll say about that.
– My boyfriend Blaise and I accidentally started a photo booth company, and we’ve been so busy snapping hilarious pictures that we’ve barely stopped movin’.
– We created a chi wall at home… good energies are bouncing all around our little Boulder condo!
– Speaking of the condo, we’re currently underway with a mini remodel. It’s been so cool to see this happy little place get a makeover.
– We finally created our home office, woo! I beam every time I look around and see 5 Macs of all sizes waiting to get revved up to have some fun.
– Siri and I have evidently been running with black bears right beside us along the Boulder Creek Path.
– We celebrated Jayda’s 70th birthday in a BIG way – at the dog park, with 50+ people and 30+ dogs, a full spread, drinks for all, and of course, a photo booth!
– We’ve had family in town from all over, and visited family in San Diego and Georgia.
– I’ve been getting back to hand written letters and being a full-time vegan — I LOVE it!
– I designed my very first tote bag for Vickerey. Woop!
– I’ve been going crazy in paper shops, wild with inspiration.
– Annnnd, It cost us $83 to drive from Colorado to California. That could be a Prius commercial.

All and all, it’s been a whirlwind lately. New creative enterprises are on the horizon & good things to come – damn, it feels great to be back.


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