Type Study : Brandon Grotesque

Design Wine Sunshine : Type Study : Brandon Grotesque #typographyDesign Wine Sunshine : Type Study : Brandon Grotesque #typography

Here’s another typeface that I’m always throwing down – why yes, it’s Brandon Grotesque! Designed by Hannes Von Dohren back in ’09, Brandon { I’ll call him for short } has such a handsome set of geometric characters built in perfect weights and x-heights for titles, subtitles, and body copy alike. I currently use him in my studio for MoleskineUS, but now that you’ve studied his perfect G’s and N’s – and I can’t even explain my excitement for the perfectly spunky tail on his Q, you’ll see Brandon Grotesque everywhere. It’s like the Helvetica of the two thousand and teens. Since he’s a brut sans-serif, watch & kern your A’s and O’s, just like Futura. And watch his black weight when you’re below 20px on the web, I’ve found I usually have to change my alias between the weights at different heights. but other than that – have fun! Brandon may look all serious & professional, but he has funny quirks all over. I especially love him in all caps with a wide letterspacing – go figure. Find Brandon Grotesque for purchase (plus a damn good brochure!) right here. The lovely image of the catamaran lounger (exactly where I’d love to be right now) was found here. Cheers!

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