Negative Space is Good For You : Sea, Sun, Sand

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In my photo booth biz, I’m finding negative space is pretty much non-existent. Working as a graphic designer for 3 retailers, it’s all about putting 50lbs of graphics in a 10lb sack. After taking a couple of photography classes & running through assignments, I also realized I’ve never gotten an assignment that focused on a photograph that sings simple, soft, tranquil melodies – free of clutter, distraction, and “natural framing.” So here’s a little therapeutic round-up of negative space by sea, sun, & sand to help relax the cluttered mind. Hopefully it brings a little peace to your day. Of course, it gets better when you pair this post with a glass of your favorite wine : ). You can find the sources for these photos & many more inspirations on my Pinterest board – design : negative space » Or simply click on any image to get you there. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Negative Space is Good For You : Sea, Sun, Sand

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