Art is Good for You / Nick Lamia

untitled_42x36_5_2009untitled_12x12_9  untitled_42x36_oil_on_canvasuntitled_42x36_4_2009

BAM. Send love to Nick Lamia for his amazing use of composition & color. His quote from Painter’s Table reminds me so fondly of my days in art school critiques:

“I’m trying to come up with imagery that is successfully combining technology and ecology and doing that by trying to combine geometric and organic imagery in a way where they can live together. It’s not to say that I feel like balance is a really important thing, I feel like I’m more partial toward images that are imbalanced or off-kilter in a certain way, just a little off, so that there’s flux and… ideally the compositions remain somewhat fresh because of that slight imbalance.”

Cheers to good art!

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