Sunny Sunday / Kitty Approved : Cat Teepees


You may have gotten the hint by now that I absolutely, unconditionally love animals. So much so that I dream of having a whole farm full of rescued animals one day. ‘Til then, my digs are bound to a psuedo-city life – in my studio and a happy little condo in Boulder. When I was in college one of my design professors once told me that you don’t truly have a design studio until you put a cat in it. Strange advise I thought at first, but then I started to compile their many quirks and knew why creatives belong with cats. They’re zen, playful, simple, definitely have honest opinions about your work, and love to sit in your lap while working, locking you into your seat & steadily purring to help you focus. Totally get why Hemingway was such a cat guy. I could imagine that in my sunny studio our cat (her name’s Kitty), would be all sorts of excited to have her own super-cool hipster teepee. Perfect for the studio cat with style. Find them here :  1, 4, 6 : The Algonquin Teepee via Etsy    2. Energy Pyramid Cat Teepee    3. Olga by Cat Tipi    5. Zuzu by Cat Tipi

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