Swanky Bar : Stainless Steel Edition


Here’s a family with a bar divided. I love wine, my other half loves liquor. So when we host a dinner party for the {speeding-our-way} holidays, the bar’s gotta be stocked for my wino friends  and his high ball pals. Enter, a little mini-series on super cool bar doodads. Here’s what I’m loving in the stainless steel category. And if you’d like to skip the number-link matchup nonsense, you can hop straight over to my Swanky Bar Pinterest board for many more. Cheers!

1. For Blaise to bring to the dog park, To Hell With Work Flask »
2. A work of art that makes every bottle top feel special Alessi Marli Bottle Opener »
3. DIY Snazzy Swizzel Sticks »
4. For the wine of the hour, Cino Bottle Holder »
5. One more? Roll of the Die Decision Maker »
6. Happy feet for happy hour, Penguin Cocktail Shaker »
7. Keepin’ it real so you don’t get confused during the salad course, ICE Tongs »
8. Outdoor garden partayyy! Stainless Steel Wine Bucket »
9. Lock down your wine, bank vault style : Cino Expanding Bottle Stop»


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