Cheap Wine of the Week : Ass Kisser Fine Red Wine 2009

Design-Wine-Sunshine-_-Cheap-Wine-of-the-Week-_-Ass-Kisser-Fine-Red-WineSo I should probably preface my first few wine reviews with the disclosure – I’m not a high-falootin’ connoisseur, sommelier, or anything from that sorta’ limb of the wine tree. There! I said it! What I could be considered is a hopelessly devoted wine enthusiast with a very taste-driven perspective on cheap wine. It’s my forte! I rarely spend over $15 on any bottle of wine, and I always savor every sip – so these “reviews” will pretty much be a positive, happy spin on what I’ve been enjoying, and the bottles I’d share with good company. I should also mention that, as a designer, I always lean towards a bottle with a great label (wine crime). All that being said, here’s my very first review – Ass Kisser, ta-da!

When I first saw the beaming coral label graced with a donkey silhouette, the designer in me immediately sashayed its way. I took a chance on this bottle, as it was a little pricey for my cheap wine budget – but I’ll admit to feeling a little frisky in the Boulder Wine & Spirits aisle. I’m so glad I did!
The first taste (me : open-hearted and wild-minded) was like a kick (not only) to the tongue, but the throat, and it kept on kicking all the way down. A strongly emphatic donkey kick, if you will. I really enjoyed the crisp, entertaining fruit that danced to-and-fro like it was up to no good, cursing obscenities all the while. Needless to say, I then welcomed the smooth delicate oak finish to calm the party down. It was a fun few glasses, for sure.
I’d bring this to a BBQ or pasta night, as it’s recommended to be paired with deep meat flavors, pizza, and robust saucey plates. It’s also a great offering for a boss, professor, or anyone else you’d like to warm-over, with a big wink and perhaps a little whip.
I give it three out of four stars, and damn, at 88 Wine Spectator points, I’d say that’s a fair vote.

Cheers, Ass Kisser!
— Court

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