Cheap Wine of the Week : C’est la Vie Pinot Noir + Syrah


This bottle was a very pleasant dig from France – my favorite dog park sipper so far in September. It was fruity & dry, with a medium body & vivacious blackberries. The earthy aroma and acidic balance was a joy – very well-rounded. It wasn’t the most fun I’ve had in the $11+ price range, but I’d drink it again, for sure! I’d recommend this with an eggplant dish – something hearty +  buttery. It would also be a great sarcastic gift to anyone who’s stumbled recently ( “C’est La Vie!”  = “That’s Life!” ) as a punch in the shoulder to keep their head up. I give the label designer two thumbs up. The design is quirky and laid back – much like the wine itself.
Cheers! — Court