Racy, Austere, Grippy, & Grassy – Yep, We’re Talking Vino

Wine Folly's Wine Descriptor's Guide
Wine Folly's Wine Descriptor's GuideWine Folly's Wine Descriptor's Guide
In a constant hunt for the perfect way to happily review my beloved cheap wine, I’ve stumbled upon this Guide to 120 Wine Descriptors and hit the JACKPOT. As a wine newbie, learning this vernacular just became a piece of cake, and as a designer – I’m LOVin’ the infographic. It’s a hip, happy way to talk like a sommelier (Ha! – Ok maybe not, but you get my vibe). Can’t wait for the day when I can genuinely use “barnyard” “angular” and “chewy” – what the heck? Enjoy this poster from Wine Folly » and ping me back for some “racy” vino conversation. Wink, wink!