Swanky Bar : Wine Racks

Swanky-Bar-Design-Wine-Sunshine-Wine-Racks Blaise and I are underway with a major condo renovation that’s going to be killer! Recently we took down a set of cabinets in the kitchen to provide an open concept into the living room, but there’s a space that looks… well…. purposeless. During my research to find super cool under wine glass holders to fill the void, I’ve come across some of the coolest wine racks and had to share! You can find the individual links below, or simply hop over to my Wine Pinterest board for these and many more. Cheers!
1. A simple, yet slick 6 bottle bar companion »
2. A total hex vex (ha, sorry, couldn’t resist) »
3. X marks the box… »
4. Acrylic is making a come back! Jumpin’ on the train? Choo Choo »
5.  This modular concrete wine rack is rocking my world »
6. A damn good hipster installation rack that makes me want a loft in NYC »
7. Tipsy? »
8. We have, and LOVE this Wine Knot , an absolute work of art »