Type Study : American Typewriter

design-wine-sunshine-american-typewriter-type-studydesign-wine-sunshine-american-typewriter-type-study-ampersand Here’s one of my lonnnnng time faves, American Typewriter. I’m usually not into mock-style typefaces, but I’ve always felt that American Typewriter was built well, with a bold dash of curiosity and gumption. In the case that your client demands a typewriter look, I strongly suggest you forgo any option with a scraggly stroke or damaged finials and opt for this clean, fun, and beautiful body of work. It’s impressive to pull off stylized without being gimmicky – kudos, Joel & Tony! I passed up my most-loved opportunity for a quick fox study for this wild sight of the Condensed Light’s ampersand. Look at her! She’s a classy lady. Grab your own family of American Typewriter right here. And as for the mermaid, the only path I have to her is this pin… may she forever live in mystery.

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