Heck Yes! Introducing Neutraface Slab (All the Typographers go wild!)



2645 getimageHouse Industries, you rock my type-lovin’ world.
Hello, Neutraface Slab! How could I not entertain the idea of bringing this little number into my arsenal? I have an enormous and quite ridiculous love for their first champion, Neutraface. I love its radiant euro-mod personality and ever-expanding width explorations. Now, I can long for the newest arrival of their stellar Neutraface family, Neutraface Slab. It’s a perfect example of why they say, “If you liked it then you shoulda put a slab on it.” – Or at least I’m sure that’s why House decided they needed to take the plunge. Cheers, to the new addition, Neutraface Slab »  I’m in terrible typographic love with you!