Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers


Winos are the best! << Taken from the girl who is literally drinking a perfect glass while typing this… the same girl that insists on wine at football tailgates, dock parties, & {when in Rome} for breakfast. – Who loves life more than a wine lover?
Here are a few ideas to shower them with cheer for the holidays. . .

1. For the wine-lovin’ earth child, embrace the cosmic energies of these fab crystal wine stoppers »
2. Über cool stainless steel wine glasses. Perfect for a bachelor (wink, wink).
3. Los Angeles, Boston, Tuscany… pick your fave destination of these fun wine totes »
4. If your friends love wine too, here’s a great little wine tasting flight of mini carafes for upcoming get togethers. I LOVE them. Think I might need to gift myself  ; ).
5. As Blaise and I have learned, sometimes you might need to step away from the not-yet-empty decanter ; ) but you’ll need a top – must save your wine! Luckily, this one looks damn good doin’ it »
6. These candles are aMAAzing! They’re handcrafted from recycled wine bottles, with soy wax & super fine fragrances. Enjoy as a center piece while you’re (#4) wine tasting!
7. A Bottle A Box is such a hip company. They etch pretty much anything onto these well-built boxes. My fave? 70’s stationwagon.
8. I love this dear collection of herb seeds as a stocking stuffer or addition to a gift basket or terrarium. They will bloom into delectable leaves you can toss into your recipes – which will now pair so nicely with wine. »
9. Sea glass inspired stemless wine glasses are a stellar choice for beachside vino. »
10. But no matter what ideas are thrown your way, please note you (always-always) have the option to gift a beautiful bottle of wine. If you’re gifting wine left & right, stock up on these fun bottle wraps. »

Cheers everybody! Enjoy many more ideas on my Pinterest board, Wine »

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