Ring, Ring, Resolutions

Design-Wine-Sunshine-2014-ResolutionsEnjoy this yoga shot and many more inspiring images on Vickerey’s Beautiful Yoga Pinterest board »

Happy 2014! I know resolutions can be bogus sometimes, but I like to keep mine very positive, nurturing, & exciting so they’re something to look forward to. My most-loved resolution this year is to spend tons more time with friends. Last year, Blaise and I were so busy most of our off-time was spent trying to have a date night, but it usually wound up being a work “meeting” anyway. It was nuts. This year we’re vowing to spend more time with the ones we love, near and far.
Next – and also a very lovable idea is to get my wino-ass on the yoga mat at least once a week. Yoga is so purifying, it’s a miracle for wine lovers! Especially after/before a cup of this Yogi Detox Tea. The truth is in that combination, y’all – I swear by it. My goal is to achieve a dancer pose as beautiful as the one above, and perhaps hang out in crow pose for more than 2 seconds.
Other ideas that I’m intrigued by are …
Finally finishing my portfolio < note to my young graphic design student self 6 years ago – don’t wait a half a decade to create your folio, Court! >, discover & report here on the magical city of Boulder & Denver Colorado, take more pictures, continue traveling & exploring, hang + make more art, throw more parties, get back into the Humane Society & take more pictures of adoptable cats, hike the Rockies with my hilarious family as much as possible, find time for picnics, write more hand written hellos, annnnnd try more white wine – I’m a total red fiend so this will probably be my most difficult (wink,wink).

What are your resolutions for 2014?

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