Type Study : FUTURA

Futura has been a favorite typeface of mine since I first studied & traced it in 2004 (say what?). The perfectly geometric (stunning) letterforms are clean, refreshing, & modern with chic style. In the design world, I’d say it’s a great go-to when your client wants a minimalist or simple, yet professional sans-serif, with more design than Helvetica. Here’s a look at this typeface in one of my fave wintertime mantras from Albert Camus :

futura-type-study_01 futura-type-study_02See? Futura has a huge family of weights to play with, within the same exquisite blueprint. I love that it can be super clean, or super bold – but still retains a cool, minimalist style.  It knows how to have fun, too – kind of like the dream girl that’s as smart as she is funny + beautiful.

A couple pieces of advice, when working with Futura :
1. Your “»” will always be disproportionate to the x-height of any of the font’s sizes. It will also set pretty low. In order to feel balanced, I always increase the “»” size, and drop the baseline until it feels nicely centered.
2. Watch the kerning with your 0’s. Since they’re so fat, they stretch with a wide leading that needs to be trimmed.
Here’s one of my fave type geek videos showing the precision of Futura’s creation. Enjoy!

FUTURA LE SPECIMEN ANIME from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.
The happy palm image above can be found here »

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