We Eloped! The Tale of Our Elopement to Mexico (With Video)

Court & Blaise Eloped to Mexico! : Design Wine SunshineBig news! Blaise & I eloped!!!
Here’s a little elopement video we took with our iPhone:

We hopped around the Yucatan exploring Playa del Carmen, Tulum, & Cozumel. After an absolutely marvelous trip, we finally landed on a secluded beach where we said our vows. We eloped ultimately to save money so we can buy a home together, but after we built this little video and took our own incredible wedding pictures on the beach, we couldn’t imagine a better way for us to have gone with the whole wedding thing. It was intimate, magical, hilarious, and above all – perfectly peaceful!

Here are some of my favorite shots we took while using a selfie stick buried in the sand + our iPhone on a self-timer…
Court & Blaise's Mexico Elopement : Design Wine Sunshine

Simply put, eloping (for us) was a dream come true. Just the two of us, so happy, free, and in love. It’s really all we needed to commemorate such an enormous decision to spend the rest of our lives together. In our vows, we made sure to include the importance of humoring each other, limitless time for playing with our pups, along with unconditional love & support through whatever life may bring us (especially during football season). Seriously! …and, not so seriously – we wanted this to be a lot of fun to share with our friends and family back home. Cheers to a life full of laughter and love!

Court & Blaise Play in the Agave Plants - Elopement to Mexico : Design Wine Sunshine

PS – Blaise’s amazing black Tungsten ring was created {& engraved!} by Etsy shop Rogue River Jewelry. I loved working with an Etsy artist for something so sentimental, and they shipped within 1 day! Wonderful service, highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “We Eloped! The Tale of Our Elopement to Mexico (With Video)

  1. We love it. We’re eloping in Maui next month and we felt bad for not inviting anyone, but the way you word it on the website and the video makes it seem like you made everyone apart of it. If you have any suggestions for us we are open to suggestions and criticism. How did you break the news to the family and friends?

    • Early congrats, Jevon!
      Eloping was one of the best times we’ve had in our four years together. We’ll take those memories with us ’til we’re old and grey.
      After we announced our engagement we kept hinting to friends that we might wind up eloping. That probably lightened the surprise when we broke the news. We simply sent a text to all of our loved ones including a picture above with a big “We eloped!” written across it using the Piction app. When the video went out, everyone felt extremely connected to the whole thing and they’ve been super supportive. When it comes down to it, just remember – it’s all about the two of you, and what would make y’all the happiest. Cheers, and best of luck!

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