100 Beautiful Engagement Rings on a Happy Budget

Blaise & I have been tossing around the idea of our engagement ring.

It’s a happy, bright moment around here! But when he talks about the thousands of dollars he wants to invest in a diamond, I’m jolted by a slight shock that runs through every nerve in my body. This little ring, a big symbol of our love & commitment, could potentially be a trip across the world, a kitchen remodel, an investment portfolio, or heck, even a nice portion of a down payment for a house we could share with our friends & family. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE a beautiful diamond as much as the next girl, but I definitely love the beauty of the memories we could make more! So I’ve done some extensive research, & here’s my little {ha!} round up of classy, alternative rings for a unique bride-to-be, that fits every tier of a budget under $1,000 with grace. You’ll find gemstones, alternative natural stones, & options that I’ve never even thought of, mostly curated from Etsy artists. Don’t forget, there’s always the opportunity to replace the center stone with a diamond when you hit the jackpot. Enjoy!

Hop over to my Engagement Rings on a Budget pinboard to find the links for them all, & more.
Cheers! Court


Designer Loves : Year of the Horse

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the year of the horse, one of the earth’s most mystical animals. Here are some designer loves to celebrate :

1. The Power of 10 Horse Print via Eye Poetry Photography on Etsy »
2. Kimberly Horse Scarf »
3. 14 Hands Too Hot to Trot Red Blend »
4. Horse Bookends »
5. Horse Studs »
6. Horse Pillow »
7. Giant Ceramic Horse Bowl »
8. On the Gallop and Up Dress »
9. Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers »
10. Thinking of You Letterpressed Card »
11. Pre de Provence Horseshoe Almond Soap »

And just for kicks, catch this beauty …


Wine + Design : Valentine’s Day Wine & Card Pairings

Valentine's Day Wine & Card Pairings - Design Wine Sunshine

Y’all – I’m sorry – I can’t help myself! I LOVE handmade/letter pressed cards, and I LOVE building a theme with labels of wine, so here we are. In perfect time for Valentine’s Day, for all levels of love. It’s a roundup of my fave, lovable wines & designerly cards I adore. Enjoy!

1. Let’s Make Out by Studio Slomo » & The Naked Grape Pinot Grigio »
2. Chateau Miraval Pink Floyd » & Here’s to Another Vintage Year by Missive »
3. Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day of the year by Parrott Design Studio » & Cara Mia (My Beloved) »
4. Playtime Lake County Red Wine » & Ooh La La by Missive »
5. To the Moon & Back by Runaway Press » & Drops of Jupiter Petite Sirah »
6. Chocolate Box Red Wine » & You Are My Favorite by 1Canoe2 »
7. I Think You’re Magical by Ashley Stewart Studio » & House of Cards Queen of Hearts Chardonnay »

Designer Loves : Bright Winter Hues from Vickerey


Here’s my fave piece of work this week from Vickerey. This year, I’m switching things up a little & bringing in lots of handmade, earthy elements. I’m totally digging it! This collection made me think of crisp white snow, soft blue skies… a perfect time for a collection of things that bring a spark to the day. Check out the Bright Winter Hues collection right here »


Peppy Winter Loves from Vickerey


Here’s a collection of my fave things from Vickerey to begin 2014 with brilliant rejuvenation & cool, refreshing vibes.

1. I think anyone could definitely benefit from this happy Balancing Aura Prosperity Spray »
2. Blaise would love this Talon Tank for hot yoga »
3. I’ve loved my Reversible ECO Sticky Mat for years! »
4. Perfect for good feng shui Encore Chimes of Earth »
5. To discover new loves in the kitchen, Pure Vegan Cookbook »
6. My fave, timeless Eco Quinn Printed Top »
7. We just brought on Roost Jewelry, & I’m swooning! Royston Turquoise & Brass Necklace »
8. I have (& love) this Diva Jacket »
9. Turn over a new leaf! Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Mask »
10. I’m such a dork about my analog planners Moleskine 2014 Pocket Hard Cover Daily Planner »
11. We’ve got to add these to our Swanky Bar collection Ekke Soapstone Shot Glasses »

WAR EAGLE! Wine & Dine : Auburn’s National Championship for Wine Lovers

Design Wine Sunshine's Wine & DIne : Auburn's National Championship - War Eagle!

The time is wine, my Auburn friends!
We’re hosting an Auburn National Championship watch party tonight, complete with this O’Lillo Red Blend. Yes, I know that’s a hawk instead of an eagle, but after a half an hour gathering half of Hazel’s staff to find either an orange/blue label including either a tiger/eagle, we all were happy to complete our quest with the beautifully embossed label of O’Lillo, & I’ve heard it’s exquisite! I love the vinter’s description : ” Beautiful ruby red colour. Traditional in its complexity, roundness, & elegance, yet modern in its intense fruitiness, accessibility, & soft tannins. Ruby colour, with scents of varietal flavours.”
Stay tuned to see how the party unfolded! Next to my wine of choice, I’ll be wearing my lucky scarf, lucky shirt, & next to our handmade decor & blue/orange hors d’oeuvres, Blaise will be making some sort of lucky burger (like these Fried Green Tomato Sliders) to cheer on Auburn in the Rose Bowl. Wish us luck, & Warrrrrrrrr Eagle!

Cheers, Court

Shot of the Rose Bowl in Pasedena right here »

Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers


Winos are the best! << Taken from the girl who is literally drinking a perfect glass while typing this… the same girl that insists on wine at football tailgates, dock parties, & {when in Rome} for breakfast. – Who loves life more than a wine lover?
Here are a few ideas to shower them with cheer for the holidays. . .

1. For the wine-lovin’ earth child, embrace the cosmic energies of these fab crystal wine stoppers »
2. Über cool stainless steel wine glasses. Perfect for a bachelor (wink, wink).
3. Los Angeles, Boston, Tuscany… pick your fave destination of these fun wine totes »
4. If your friends love wine too, here’s a great little wine tasting flight of mini carafes for upcoming get togethers. I LOVE them. Think I might need to gift myself  ; ).
5. As Blaise and I have learned, sometimes you might need to step away from the not-yet-empty decanter ; ) but you’ll need a top – must save your wine! Luckily, this one looks damn good doin’ it »
6. These candles are aMAAzing! They’re handcrafted from recycled wine bottles, with soy wax & super fine fragrances. Enjoy as a center piece while you’re (#4) wine tasting!
7. A Bottle A Box is such a hip company. They etch pretty much anything onto these well-built boxes. My fave? 70’s stationwagon.
8. I love this dear collection of herb seeds as a stocking stuffer or addition to a gift basket or terrarium. They will bloom into delectable leaves you can toss into your recipes – which will now pair so nicely with wine. »
9. Sea glass inspired stemless wine glasses are a stellar choice for beachside vino. »
10. But no matter what ideas are thrown your way, please note you (always-always) have the option to gift a beautiful bottle of wine. If you’re gifting wine left & right, stock up on these fun bottle wraps. »

Cheers everybody! Enjoy many more ideas on my Pinterest board, Wine »

Gift Ideas for Designers


Hello! It’s been a while. I’ve missed my little blog. Even in the midst of an insanely busy season, I wanted to be sure to capture some inspirations here for one of my most favorite times of year – gifting season!

I hear it incredibly often, that designers are quirky beings and we’re terribly hard to shop for. But here’s a little guide that makes it easy – we’re actually lots of fun to gift! Here are some ideas that I’d love to give my designer pals . . .

1. We’re geeks about our pens, pencils, & office supplies. This Desk Organizer (from this amazing Etsy shop) fits our good lookin’ – yet functional bill.
2. Every designer needs this Instant Party Snow Globe for the deskscape. Trust me on this one. »
3. We also love simplicity, especially when it mixes texture & composition in a stunning way. These Clic Wooden iPhone Cases come in many colors, & will rock a designer’s world »
4. These scissors are so dang cool, it looks like they’ve come from another planet. Believe me when I say, “Yes, we really would get crazy excited about a pair of marvelous scissors.” Great stocking stuffer for designers »
5. There’s something wildly ironic about this reverse wall calendar. The leading is too tight, and the margins are all outta’ whack – but it’s sooooooo gooood. This is probably a graphic moment that only design-minded people and typography dorks would appreciate. It’s a winner »
6. These Pattern Postcards are a wonderful source of inspiration for whimsical designers. We’ll probably pin a few of our faves on our studio mood board, changing them out with the seasons. Plus – we can send you a little hello from all the places we travel to while exploring for our exotic projects »
7. Mousepad you say? Get this – our smart mice lasers don’t dance well on our polished lacquer or glass desks. Go figure! So yep, we may need a mousepad from time to time, & this one is one of the best looking ones I’ve found »
< Noticing the trend of good looks here? >
8. We LOVE HELVETICA. Sorry, there’s no explaining it. We’d just love anything graced with its name & perfect letter forms – so this type study tote is a big score »
9. Another thing all designers love is plants. Sometimes when we’re “in the zone” on a deep project, it’s nice to know there’s something alive (whilst being very zen), to keep us company. For everyone’s safety, it’s great to surround ourselves with plants we can’t kill, in a beautifully designed planter – so this succulent planter trio is right on the money »
10. Designers drink coffee. Lots. & lots. Of coffee. This set of Pantone mugs is exciting to me, in that it combines our love of the Pantone color system, & carries the sweet media that fuels us »
11. We have a love for our Mac that is not to be rivaled. And the designer who loves bold & bright graphics, will swoon over this Mac Keyboard Cover from Kate Spade Saturday »
12. I need not say more, you could choose anything from the House Industries store & you’ll get an enormous thank you. Plus, we’re bound to cherish it forevah’. We LOVE these type geniuses. »
13. No designer should ever write or sketch with an ordinary pencil. These Blackwing pencils are PHENOMENAL & look so damn slick, too »

Call It a Come Back – Vote & Save These Tees!

249_lisa-llanes_tacocat_1_240041_robbie-kanner_dozen_1_2400 133_jen-mussari_death-before-decaf_1_240053_josh-reichlin_break-dance-not-hearts_1_2400

Tell me you don’t want every single one of these amazing tees. TACO CAT!!!! Oh, my, goodness. TaCoCaT one of the world’s cutest palindromes. Simplicity. Caffeination. Annnd, yes, I do wish there were no more broken hearts in this crazy world – I love, and have requested these shirts make a come back to print from the Cotton Bureau, an amazing indie designer site that supports love/community and supplyin’ rad tees. It’s a pretty cool concept – check it out, vote for your faves, or submit a design.