WAR EAGLE! Wine & Dine : Auburn’s National Championship for Wine Lovers

Design Wine Sunshine's Wine & DIne : Auburn's National Championship - War Eagle!

The time is wine, my Auburn friends!
We’re hosting an Auburn National Championship watch party tonight, complete with this O’Lillo Red Blend. Yes, I know that’s a hawk instead of an eagle, but after a half an hour gathering half of Hazel’s staff to find either an orange/blue label including either a tiger/eagle, we all were happy to complete our quest with the beautifully embossed label of O’Lillo, & I’ve heard it’s exquisite! I love the vinter’s description : ” Beautiful ruby red colour. Traditional in its complexity, roundness, & elegance, yet modern in its intense fruitiness, accessibility, & soft tannins. Ruby colour, with scents of varietal flavours.”
Stay tuned to see how the party unfolded! Next to my wine of choice, I’ll be wearing my lucky scarf, lucky shirt, & next to our handmade decor & blue/orange hors d’oeuvres, Blaise will be making some sort of lucky burger (like these Fried Green Tomato Sliders) to cheer on Auburn in the Rose Bowl. Wish us luck, & Warrrrrrrrr Eagle!

Cheers, Court

Shot of the Rose Bowl in Pasedena right here »

happy designer on vacay


wooohoo! i’m off to Auburn with my amazing beau Blaise, a brand new Rhodia Webby, and the kick-ass d5000 to capture the wacky memories of our huge tailgate and football game with friends and family. while i enjoyed a big glass of wine at DIA, i had to pause for a moment and cheers the universe. oh, how grateful i am to have these moments in my life! for we are all feeling young, spry, and spirited…. full of love. (i also have to mention that it’s snowing in Boulder, 80 degrees where we’re going…so…) i honestly cannot. be. happier.

– kampai!