Designer Loves : Hally’s in Parsons Green

Hally's Parsons Green - xo Design Wine Sunshine

Looking for some light-hearted interior design inspiration? I just fell in love with this little cafe/diner/hangout, Hally’s in Parsons Green. The look and feel completely embodies California, what a bright, airy, uplifting joy for such a rainy area! It’s such a quirky, fun little bistro. I’m stoked about the mixed media baths, dip-painted chairs, & the curiosities that hop along the shelves. All images found via their beautiful site »

Pantone Home Colors : Navy & Indigo

home-color-palette-pantone-design-wine-sunshine-navy-indigo_01 home-color-palette-pantone-design-wine-sunshine-navy-indigo_02 home-color-palette-pantone-design-wine-sunshine-navy-indigo_03

Ever since I discovered the Pantone Universe at Lowe’s, I’ve been thinking of the rest of my world in coated and uncoated swatches. What’s that? You do too!!? Let’s party sometime.

Recently, Blaise and I have made the {somewhat happy, somewhat melancholy} decision to stay in our Boulder condo for a little longer before moving into our dream home in Denver. I’m making the most of it, and tossing some color around to give the place a few accents & polish (SO excited!). My first hue I’ve been dreaming of while creating our home’s color palette is navy, more so indigo – but of a very rich night-skyish hue.
The first image is my absolute favorite, somewhere between navy and purple – the perfect energetic indigo.  The middle is a little wacky, but bright and crisp. You gotta love the pop of hot pink and coral orange against the deep blue. The last is a warmer navy accented with gold, and {hooray} chi mirrors! I’m thinking that exact thing, to bring my chi mirrors in for a glow against the blue to keep it light and prismatic.

You can find all these images and many more on my Pinterest board Pantone Home : Home Color Palettes »
Enjoy, & cheers!

Peppy Winter Loves from Vickerey


Here’s a collection of my fave things from Vickerey to begin 2014 with brilliant rejuvenation & cool, refreshing vibes.

1. I think anyone could definitely benefit from this happy Balancing Aura Prosperity Spray »
2. Blaise would love this Talon Tank for hot yoga »
3. I’ve loved my Reversible ECO Sticky Mat for years! »
4. Perfect for good feng shui Encore Chimes of Earth »
5. To discover new loves in the kitchen, Pure Vegan Cookbook »
6. My fave, timeless Eco Quinn Printed Top »
7. We just brought on Roost Jewelry, & I’m swooning! Royston Turquoise & Brass Necklace »
8. I have (& love) this Diva Jacket »
9. Turn over a new leaf! Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Mask »
10. I’m such a dork about my analog planners Moleskine 2014 Pocket Hard Cover Daily Planner »
11. We’ve got to add these to our Swanky Bar collection Ekke Soapstone Shot Glasses »

Designer Loves : A Splash of Color

Design Seeds Brushstrokes xo Design Wine Sunshine

I’ve always loved color palettes as much as I do a beautiful bottle of cheap wine…
I love every new combination and always begin to think of an imaginary client they would go perfectly with. When I stumbled upon Design Seeds Brushstrokes, I first fell over, and then knew I wanted to share them here. I hope this color overload brightens your day! And for all the designers out there, I have a feelin’ you’ll dig it for your next client whose aesthetic begs for a touch of something handmade. Cheers!

Art is Good for You / Nick Lamia

untitled_42x36_5_2009untitled_12x12_9  untitled_42x36_oil_on_canvasuntitled_42x36_4_2009

BAM. Send love to Nick Lamia for his amazing use of composition & color. His quote from Painter’s Table reminds me so fondly of my days in art school critiques:

“I’m trying to come up with imagery that is successfully combining technology and ecology and doing that by trying to combine geometric and organic imagery in a way where they can live together. It’s not to say that I feel like balance is a really important thing, I feel like I’m more partial toward images that are imbalanced or off-kilter in a certain way, just a little off, so that there’s flux and… ideally the compositions remain somewhat fresh because of that slight imbalance.”

Cheers to good art!

Sunny Sunday / Cheerful Neon Succulent Planters

Mini Neon Planters from Apartment Therapy | Featured on DesignWineSunshine! Mini Neon Planters from Apartment Therapy | Featured on DesignWineSunshine! Mini Neon Planters from Apartment Therapy | Featured on DesignWineSunshine!

I am such a sucker for succulents that i’ve tried to raise upwards of 3 dozen tiny leafy blooms. Sadly, i have failed time and time again, to finally resign to the idea of simply admiring everywhere else -except under my roof. These little planters brought a lotta’ light to my Sunday, hope you enjoy them as well! Found on ApartmentTherapy, check out the collection»

Pantone Universe : Home 001

Design-Wine-Sunshine-Home-Color_01 Design-Wine-Sunshine-Home-Color_02

Ever since I discovered the Pantone Universe at Lowe’s, I’ve been thinking of the rest of my world in coated and uncoated swatches. What’s that? You do too!!? Let’s party sometime.
Here’s a beginning of my Pantone series, as a home palette. Blaise would kill me if I brought home a can of 2736 C, but a happy designer girl can dream : ) These bright home interiors and hundreds more found via Heidi Damata’s I LOVE Color! Pinterest board (ammmmazing). Cheers!