Designer Loves : Year of the Horse

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the year of the horse, one of the earth’s most mystical animals. Here are some designer loves to celebrate :

1. The Power of 10 Horse Print via Eye Poetry Photography on Etsy »
2. Kimberly Horse Scarf »
3. 14 Hands Too Hot to Trot Red Blend »
4. Horse Bookends »
5. Horse Studs »
6. Horse Pillow »
7. Giant Ceramic Horse Bowl »
8. On the Gallop and Up Dress »
9. Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers »
10. Thinking of You Letterpressed Card »
11. Pre de Provence Horseshoe Almond Soap »

And just for kicks, catch this beauty …


Wine + Design : Valentine’s Day Wine & Card Pairings

Valentine's Day Wine & Card Pairings - Design Wine Sunshine

Y’all – I’m sorry – I can’t help myself! I LOVE handmade/letter pressed cards, and I LOVE building a theme with labels of wine, so here we are. In perfect time for Valentine’s Day, for all levels of love. It’s a roundup of my fave, lovable wines & designerly cards I adore. Enjoy!

1. Let’s Make Out by Studio Slomo » & The Naked Grape Pinot Grigio »
2. Chateau Miraval Pink Floyd » & Here’s to Another Vintage Year by Missive »
3. Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day of the year by Parrott Design Studio » & Cara Mia (My Beloved) »
4. Playtime Lake County Red Wine » & Ooh La La by Missive »
5. To the Moon & Back by Runaway Press » & Drops of Jupiter Petite Sirah »
6. Chocolate Box Red Wine » & You Are My Favorite by 1Canoe2 »
7. I Think You’re Magical by Ashley Stewart Studio » & House of Cards Queen of Hearts Chardonnay »

Etsy Love : Atelier Stella London

Atelier Stella London Cute Handmade Plant Pots xo~ Design Wine SunshineY’all, seriously…
Tell me these aren’t the cutest little mini planter pots you’ve ever seen. Each one hand tossed, carved, glazed, and fired by the Etsy artist Stella of Atelier Stella. I AM SO IN LOVE. And shhhhhh… this artist only does a few sales here and there, but her next is coming up on the 18th! Catch her Etsy store here » Can I mention an -ahem- early bird Christmas shopping? I’ll race you to anything in blue. So sweet!

Good as Gold : Typography


Here’s a golden toss-out that’s close to my heart, as I’ve always, always loved warm yellow golds. Even after it went out of style and platinum took its place – still a true lover of gold accents. So you can imagine my elation to find more and more gold foil designs coming into the print world. Here are some of my favorite examples of damn good gold typography. You can find all the sources and more fave gold pieces right here on my Pinterest board : Good as Gold »

Hammock Club / Veronica Calindres on Etsy!


I’ve always wanted to start a “hammock club”. I think it would be crazy fun to hammock with friends after a lonnnng hike in the mountains by the Boulder Creek Path. Everyone can take a nap, read a book, reflect on their journey, or simply be present and soak it all in. So hence, here’s my virtual hammock club, where I will post the most beautiful hammocks, and hammock spots from around the world.

These beauties are from Nicaragua, handmade by Veronica Calindres. She ships to the US via her etsy store! Check them out »

Happy Birthday, Aquarii!


Ooh, aquarius, how lovely do you look in purple facets? Through a little research i’ve learned you’re an independent, original & unconventional thinker, who’s loyal, and charitable. Next to all that, you’re witty and clever with a bit of a rebellious side. Go have fun in a new piece that resembles your aquarian nature… happy birthday!

1. 18 karat daisy key pendant
2. amethyst stalaite slice gold necklace : etsy
3. gold purple amethyst ring : etsy
4. verona amethyst earring
5. dome design amethyst cocktail ring : etsy
6. vintage gold brass pendant : etsy
7. energy muse intuition necklace
8. amethyst om hamsa triple pendant
9. aquarius zodiac constellation ring : etsy
10. gold and amethyst chunky bracelet : easy
11. bezel cut pendant necklace : etsy
12. amethyst glass earrings : etsy
13. sparklers amethyst cocktail ring
14. raw amethyst necklace : etsy