Boulder, I LOVE you. A Boulder Flood Note…

Design Wine Sunshine - Boulder I Love You
Boulder… flooding? Please forgive me – I’m still a little stunned. I just wanted to send a little note with a bit of reflection on my community.
For those of you that find this tiny blog around the country, or even the world – Boulder, Colorado is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen, full of not only fabulous food, and happy, healthy people, it’s home to amazing open spaces, trails, and creeks – thousands of miles of outdoor adventure.
Sure, the Boulder Creek that runs through the heart of the city has furiously risen a few times since I’ve moved from Georgia lands five years ago, but I’ve never, ever seen anything like this. To put it into perspective – Boulder happily hugs to the fame of boasting 300+ days of sunshine. When it rains, it’s usually a 15-30 minute sprint, then it dies down and the sun comes back again. Sure, Colorado weather changes every 10 minutes – but damn, mother nature! —- BILLIONS of GALLONS of RAIN??? In the aftermath of days on top of days of flooding, we’ve lost lives, communities, farms, countless road systems, and almost all of our open space trails. I never imagined that we could be recovering for not only months, but years to come.
Design Wine Sunshine | Boulder Flood CompilationThankfully, our little family is safe, although I can’t speak for all of my friends, who have been dealing with areas of flood disaster I can’t even begin to comprehend. I’m not very good at wording these types of things, but for anyone out there who’s been affected by all of this, I just want to encourage you to stay strong, stay present. If I could be there with all of you, I’d bring my biggest hugs and love, and equipped with goulashes prepared to muck through and help you rebuild. And on that note, just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s helping out there. We’re so incredibly lucky to live in a community of hard working people who are coming together to keep Boulder moving forward.

Design Wine Sunshine - Boulder I Love You - Boulder Flood Dog

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Cheers, Boulder! I love you.

Augustus, the Crazy

Oh Hai August from Design Wine Sunshine

August was The Confetti Booth. And one date with friends to an organic winery in Denver (red wine – no tannins – yaya), one date with my man, photography class with horses, then The Confetti Booth again. We did snatch some time to completely sand and repaint our West Elm dining table, check out a Westminster dog park, house hunt, tile some more of our happy condo, dive into a ton of paper stores, style a fresh desk paper shoot, and catch a fun baby shower, buuuut, this month was all about our little photo booth. We’ve turned it to an automated sonofagun with printing and we’re thrilled! Blaise worked his tail off – so big kudos to my handyman – and I’ve never worked so long and so hard on a backdrop we didn’t even get a chance to use. WOO! Here’s to working hard and lessons learned. Perhaps September will be a little more relaxed. Happy end of August, y’all! Cheers.