Designer Loves : Year of the Horse

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the year of the horse, one of the earth’s most mystical animals. Here are some designer loves to celebrate :

1. The Power of 10 Horse Print via Eye Poetry Photography on Etsy »
2. Kimberly Horse Scarf »
3. 14 Hands Too Hot to Trot Red Blend »
4. Horse Bookends »
5. Horse Studs »
6. Horse Pillow »
7. Giant Ceramic Horse Bowl »
8. On the Gallop and Up Dress »
9. Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers »
10. Thinking of You Letterpressed Card »
11. Pre de Provence Horseshoe Almond Soap »

And just for kicks, catch this beauty …


Major Scale Musical Wine Glass




This is crazy! All I keep thinking is a dinner party of 8, where everyone has one of these genius Major Scale Musical Wine Glass from Uncommon Goods and we’re rocking out to a harmonious symphony of merlots & cabs. The pair would make an awesome gift for those who are in the know of both vino and metronomes. {Oh yeah, I’m thinking wino holiday gifts already… can’t help it! I love giving gifts : )} Here’s a favorite quote from the designer of the wine glass. Catch his post about the design process here »

The cat’s pajamas.
Cheers, Court

Artifact Uprising – Gift Your Instagrams!

scsep19 scsep181   woodcalendar5a_big-1 woodprint10_big
I love the idea of book design. Each spread is a blank canvas – yet together, an entire body of work is concluded between a cover, that you can hold, touch, journey with, and keep forever. I also love the idea of Instagram, my little artistic library of square photos that have been documenting not only my life, but my closest friends and design gurus for years. These little live streaming (and carefully curated) set of photo memos keep me connected to a beautiful world of inspiration. [Ah, designer daydreams …]
Enter my new discovery, Artifact Uprising. I’m stoked! Pull your favorite ‘Grams and turn them into a gorgeous catalog of your smartphone explorations. I’ve wanted to create a 2nd year anniversary book for Blaise – in my copious spare time, HA! – and many of our most beautiful shots are already in my Instagram account. Their Instagram Friendly Books and this Set of 12 Prints seems like a sure bet, hurray!
ps – These would be stunning gifts you could quickly toss together for the holidays (hint, hint!).

Check out Aritifact Uprising »

Cheers! Court

Etsy Love : Atelier Stella London

Atelier Stella London Cute Handmade Plant Pots xo~ Design Wine SunshineY’all, seriously…
Tell me these aren’t the cutest little mini planter pots you’ve ever seen. Each one hand tossed, carved, glazed, and fired by the Etsy artist Stella of Atelier Stella. I AM SO IN LOVE. And shhhhhh… this artist only does a few sales here and there, but her next is coming up on the 18th! Catch her Etsy store here » Can I mention an -ahem- early bird Christmas shopping? I’ll race you to anything in blue. So sweet!

Sunny Sunday / Kitty Approved : Cat Teepees


You may have gotten the hint by now that I absolutely, unconditionally love animals. So much so that I dream of having a whole farm full of rescued animals one day. ‘Til then, my digs are bound to a psuedo-city life – in my studio and a happy little condo in Boulder. When I was in college one of my design professors once told me that you don’t truly have a design studio until you put a cat in it. Strange advise I thought at first, but then I started to compile their many quirks and knew why creatives belong with cats. They’re zen, playful, simple, definitely have honest opinions about your work, and love to sit in your lap while working, locking you into your seat & steadily purring to help you focus. Totally get why Hemingway was such a cat guy. I could imagine that in my sunny studio our cat (her name’s Kitty), would be all sorts of excited to have her own super-cool hipster teepee. Perfect for the studio cat with style. Find them here :  1, 4, 6 : The Algonquin Teepee via Etsy    2. Energy Pyramid Cat Teepee    3. Olga by Cat Tipi    5. Zuzu by Cat Tipi

The Perfect Vday Gift for Wine Lovers


Why is a decanter my valentine gift of choice? A beautiful decanter is a piece that says many things – “here’s to a rock-your-world kinda night” / “bring on the cha-cha” / “let’s get this party started” / “let’s enjoy fun conversation and laughs with great company and a fab bottle of vino” / and it’ll be around for many valentine’s days to come, (hint, hint). They’re a great gift for every valentine; big love, little love, or unconditional friend-love. Plus, design-wise, they’re beeeeeauuuutiful! Some of these are hand-blown and can double as sculptural vases in their off-time. Here, i’ve gathered a little bit of everything, from modern and minimalist to adventurous and quirky. And just to be fair to my white wine pals, i tossed in the super-cool #12  // wink // cheers!

1. Ravenscroft Crystal Flight Decanter
2. I’m loving the straight-up minimalist design of this iittala 2 Quart Glass Decanter
3. Oval Oak Wine Carafe
4. For a festive table, Handblown Glass Decanter on Etsy
5. Riedel Amadeo Decanter
6. Kosta Boda Chateau Blue Decanter
7. This little guy is meant for small servings, so buy a few and have a blind taste test Wine Tasting Carafe
8. Tipsy? This decanter happily rolls around in sync Rocking Carafe
9. Ravenscroft Crystal Captain’s Decanter
10. Tour Carafe
11. La Rochere Hand Blown ‘Keops’ Glass Carafe
12. Toss in some ice and keep things cool in this Recycled Glass White Wine Decanter
13. Lenox Tuscany Classics Crystal Decanter
14. What a beauty! Murano Glass Handblown ‘Amber Ipanema’ Decanter
15. Riedel Swirl Decanter

Happy Birthday, Aquarii!


Ooh, aquarius, how lovely do you look in purple facets? Through a little research i’ve learned you’re an independent, original & unconventional thinker, who’s loyal, and charitable. Next to all that, you’re witty and clever with a bit of a rebellious side. Go have fun in a new piece that resembles your aquarian nature… happy birthday!

1. 18 karat daisy key pendant
2. amethyst stalaite slice gold necklace : etsy
3. gold purple amethyst ring : etsy
4. verona amethyst earring
5. dome design amethyst cocktail ring : etsy
6. vintage gold brass pendant : etsy
7. energy muse intuition necklace
8. amethyst om hamsa triple pendant
9. aquarius zodiac constellation ring : etsy
10. gold and amethyst chunky bracelet : easy
11. bezel cut pendant necklace : etsy
12. amethyst glass earrings : etsy
13. sparklers amethyst cocktail ring
14. raw amethyst necklace : etsy

Valentine’s Gifts for Sun Lovers


For all the beach bunny valentines out there, here’s a few greats that make fabulous gifts for lovers with a beach obsession.

1. Reseda Beach Towel
2. SUN by Matthew Korbel-Bowers
3. Limited-Edition Stand-Up Paddleboard, Kai Malo’o
4. hello sunshine reusable tote
5. Raissa 24-karat gold-dipped beaded necklace
6. gold trinket keychains
7. any of Warby Parker’s new summer shades
8. Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize
9. starfish pillow