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5’s : Quirky Mid Mod Tropicalia

Design Wine Sunshine -- Quirky {Mid Mod} Tropicalia

Blaise and I just closed on our first home together! A fun, mid century home with lots of character. In the spirit of all fab things modern – Here are 5 pieces I’m digging for our new mid mod living room. Shop ’em here : One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Cheers, Court

Pantone Home Colors : Navy & Indigo

home-color-palette-pantone-design-wine-sunshine-navy-indigo_01 home-color-palette-pantone-design-wine-sunshine-navy-indigo_02 home-color-palette-pantone-design-wine-sunshine-navy-indigo_03

Ever since I discovered the Pantone Universe at Lowe’s, I’ve been thinking of the rest of my world in coated and uncoated swatches. What’s that? You do too!!? Let’s party sometime.

Recently, Blaise and I have made the {somewhat happy, somewhat melancholy} decision to stay in our Boulder condo for a little longer before moving into our dream home in Denver. I’m making the most of it, and tossing some color around to give the place a few accents & polish (SO excited!). My first hue I’ve been dreaming of while creating our home’s color palette is navy, more so indigo – but of a very rich night-skyish hue.
The first image is my absolute favorite, somewhere between navy and purple – the perfect energetic indigo.  The middle is a little wacky, but bright and crisp. You gotta love the pop of hot pink and coral orange against the deep blue. The last is a warmer navy accented with gold, and {hooray} chi mirrors! I’m thinking that exact thing, to bring my chi mirrors in for a glow against the blue to keep it light and prismatic.

You can find all these images and many more on my Pinterest board Pantone Home : Home Color Palettes »
Enjoy, & cheers!

Pantone Home // Color of the Year : Wild Orchid

Is it just me, or was anyone else dreaming of a navish hue? Nonetheless, the Pantone color of 2014,  radiant orchid, is stunning, and It’s refreshing to see such a vibrant hue in these beautiful homes. Found via Domaine & my Pantone Home Pinterest board, enjoy!


Pantone Home : OscarPRGirl’s Hampton Cottage

Design-Wine-Sunshine-Pantone-Home-Elle-Decor Another Pantone Home to enjoy, it’s OscarPRGirl’s south Hampton cottage. LOVin’ the tiger painting, and the bold use of black & white – such a legendary pair. There are many more amazing sights to see from the latest edition of Elle Decor, found via Elements of Style. That teal sings an emerald tune – cheers to the color of the year! 

Pantone Universe : Home 001

Design-Wine-Sunshine-Home-Color_01 Design-Wine-Sunshine-Home-Color_02

Ever since I discovered the Pantone Universe at Lowe’s, I’ve been thinking of the rest of my world in coated and uncoated swatches. What’s that? You do too!!? Let’s party sometime.
Here’s a beginning of my Pantone series, as a home palette. Blaise would kill me if I brought home a can of 2736 C, but a happy designer girl can dream : ) These bright home interiors and hundreds more found via Heidi Damata’s I LOVE Color! Pinterest board (ammmmazing). Cheers!