Happy Weekend from a Happy Beach : Ingrid Cayuela

Design Wine Sunshine  xo  Ingrid Cayuela Beach BoardHappy weekend everyone! This has been a very unusual week with Boulder flooding (over 4 billion gallons of rain), wrapping up a photo booth, and other wacky renovation business from the home front, but I’ll be able to get back on the ball asap! If you daydream of the coast like me, you’d probably enjoy this ethereal, nicely curated Beach Pinterest board by Ingrid Cayuela »

Get out and have some fun!

Negative Space is Good For You : Sea, Sun, Sand

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In my photo booth biz, I’m finding negative space is pretty much non-existent. Working as a graphic designer for 3 retailers, it’s all about putting 50lbs of graphics in a 10lb sack. After taking a couple of photography classes & running through assignments, I also realized I’ve never gotten an assignment that focused on a photograph that sings simple, soft, tranquil melodies – free of clutter, distraction, and “natural framing.” So here’s a little therapeutic round-up of negative space by sea, sun, & sand to help relax the cluttered mind. Hopefully it brings a little peace to your day. Of course, it gets better when you pair this post with a glass of your favorite wine : ). You can find the sources for these photos & many more inspirations on my Pinterest board – design : negative space » Or simply click on any image to get you there. Cheers!