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This has been on of my most-loved pins lately, and it kinda speaks to how I’m feeling these days – ideas hopping all around, and my hair has been NUTS due to Florida’s humidity. But endless mind+city traveling & bad hair days aside… I’ve been finally able to come back around to creating content for this little project.
See you soon, {although not in a few days sorta soon}…

Wink, wink.

Happy Weekend & Happy Adventures via Tiny Atlas

Happy Weekend with Tiny Atlas xo Design Wine Sunshine

I’ve just discovered {+ instantly followed} Tiny Atlas’ Instagram feed. I’m thrilled!
If you have any sort of wanderlust like me, this round-up of adventurers from around the world will be absolutely intoxicating. Via this Instagram journey, you can start your day off in the Italian bazaars for breakfast, gaze over the beach horses in Barbados for lunch, & then catch a light-studded stroll in Hong Kong – after a luxurious dinner in Paris, of course. It’s mesmerizing, & exactly the day dream I could hope for while enduring the last hurrah of winter in Colorado.
All images above found via @tinyatlasquarterly
Enjoy, & happy weekend, everyone!

Designer Loves : Links Lately


Here’s a collection of recent links I’ve adored :

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I’ve been thinking of trying out green smoothies for breakfast lately. Lovin’ this recipe for a “Green Smoothie (That Doesn’t Taste Like Grass”. »

Enjoy, & cheers!

Help Animals Find Homes with some Photo Mojo


I should preface this post with an unavoidable statement : I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals. They are my chosen cause, my absolute heart, & yep – I’m one of those crazy people who adores my three pets as my children. That being said, the last thing I want to be here is preachy about anything, because photographing pets for my local humane society is one of the most fun, & rewarding projects I’ve been a part of since I’ve moved to Colorado.
Did you know that almost every animal shelter needs help with photography for their animals? Times have changed from the days of prospective pet parents taking a very thoughtful trip to the humane society where they’d walk by the kennels, meet big brown eyes, & feel their hearts melt. Nowadays, these same future parents can search on a website, scrolling along hundreds of photos in hopes to virtually “connect” with an animal’s “mugshot” in just seconds.
I never knew until I started volunteering for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, that 95% of the photos on the website are snapped in haste the moment the animal arrives at the shelter. This means that whatever terrifying journey the animal had been through would be written all over their face & posture. With one click, they’ll represent a false nature to the world on the shelter’s site. This is where anyone, regardless of whether you have a point & shoot or a fancy DSLR, can step in and change the world. YES, I just said that! It is a small world, after all – and you can save animals one life at a time with a great photograph. You’ll probably save the human in many ways too – it’s true!
We usually spend 3-4 hours on a Sunday, in a little room we’ve set up at the shelter with makeshift can lights. We hope to shoot up to 10 cats (it’s very strange how un-photogenic cats can be…) and we always shoot the long term residents who may not have put their best paw forward with their initial web picture. After lots of love + trial & error, my heart is so happy to be able to announce, that regardless of how long a cat has been at the shelter, almost every cat we’ve taken a “model” picture of has been adopted in just a handful of days!
Here’s a collection of my fave moments. More after the gallery of these beauties…

take-photos-of-shelter-cats-4 take-photos-of-shelter-cats-1 take-photos-of-shelter-cats-3 take-photos-of-shelter-cats-2

Can you believe that these sweet angels weren’t adopted before we photographed them? My goal as the cat photographer is to capture a moment of their unique personalities. Did you (by any chance) feel certain emotions arise when you saw each picture? That’s the magic. That is SUCH a HUGE part of what helps these amazing pets find their forever homes. Dogs, rabbits, mice, ferrets, & all the other animals at the shelter need help too – I just have such a soft spot in my heart for these cats who needed more photographers at our shelter.
If you’re feeling inspired & would love to get involved, simply contact your local humane society and let them know you’re interested in volunteering for animal photography. If you’re a professional photographer, most shelters will even let you watermark your photos with your logo!
Trouble finding one? Check out Petfinder.com to locate your closest shelter.
If you’re adventurous enough to try it out, let me know how everything goes. I’d love to hear about your journey!
…And saving the best for last, here’s my favorite model-kitty Smoky, who was at the shelter for a very long time, but just a few days after this centerfold shot, he was happily adopted! I love his confident, smug pose. Doesn’t he look like he’s on a beach with a Mai Tai?
Cheers, Court


Happy Weekend from a Happy Beach : Ingrid Cayuela

Design Wine Sunshine  xo  Ingrid Cayuela Beach BoardHappy weekend everyone! This has been a very unusual week with Boulder flooding (over 4 billion gallons of rain), wrapping up a photo booth, and other wacky renovation business from the home front, but I’ll be able to get back on the ball asap! If you daydream of the coast like me, you’d probably enjoy this ethereal, nicely curated Beach Pinterest board by Ingrid Cayuela »

Get out and have some fun!

Augustus, the Crazy

Oh Hai August from Design Wine Sunshine

August was The Confetti Booth. And one date with friends to an organic winery in Denver (red wine – no tannins – yaya), one date with my man, photography class with horses, then The Confetti Booth again. We did snatch some time to completely sand and repaint our West Elm dining table, check out a Westminster dog park, house hunt, tile some more of our happy condo, dive into a ton of paper stores, style a fresh desk paper shoot, and catch a fun baby shower, buuuut, this month was all about our little photo booth. We’ve turned it to an automated sonofagun with printing and we’re thrilled! Blaise worked his tail off – so big kudos to my handyman – and I’ve never worked so long and so hard on a backdrop we didn’t even get a chance to use. WOO! Here’s to working hard and lessons learned. Perhaps September will be a little more relaxed. Happy end of August, y’all! Cheers.

Negative Space is Good For You : Sea, Sun, Sand

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In my photo booth biz, I’m finding negative space is pretty much non-existent. Working as a graphic designer for 3 retailers, it’s all about putting 50lbs of graphics in a 10lb sack. After taking a couple of photography classes & running through assignments, I also realized I’ve never gotten an assignment that focused on a photograph that sings simple, soft, tranquil melodies – free of clutter, distraction, and “natural framing.” So here’s a little therapeutic round-up of negative space by sea, sun, & sand to help relax the cluttered mind. Hopefully it brings a little peace to your day. Of course, it gets better when you pair this post with a glass of your favorite wine : ). You can find the sources for these photos & many more inspirations on my Pinterest board – design : negative space » Or simply click on any image to get you there. Cheers!