We Eloped! The Tale of Our Elopement to Mexico (With Video)

Court & Blaise Eloped to Mexico! : Design Wine SunshineBig news! Blaise & I eloped!!!
Here’s a little elopement video we took with our iPhone:

We hopped around the Yucatan exploring Playa del Carmen, Tulum, & Cozumel. After an absolutely marvelous trip, we finally landed on a secluded beach where we said our vows. We eloped ultimately to save money so we can buy a home together, but after we built this little video and took our own incredible wedding pictures on the beach, we couldn’t imagine a better way for us to have gone with the whole wedding thing. It was intimate, magical, hilarious, and above all – perfectly peaceful!

Here are some of my favorite shots we took while using a selfie stick buried in the sand + our iPhone on a self-timer…
Court & Blaise's Mexico Elopement : Design Wine Sunshine

Simply put, eloping (for us) was a dream come true. Just the two of us, so happy, free, and in love. It’s really all we needed to commemorate such an enormous decision to spend the rest of our lives together. In our vows, we made sure to include the importance of humoring each other, limitless time for playing with our pups, along with unconditional love & support through whatever life may bring us (especially during football season). Seriously! …and, not so seriously – we wanted this to be a lot of fun to share with our friends and family back home. Cheers to a life full of laughter and love!

Court & Blaise Play in the Agave Plants - Elopement to Mexico : Design Wine Sunshine

PS – Blaise’s amazing black Tungsten ring was created {& engraved!} by Etsy shop Rogue River Jewelry. I loved working with an Etsy artist for something so sentimental, and they shipped within 1 day! Wonderful service, highly recommended.

Happy Weekend & Happy Adventures via Tiny Atlas

Happy Weekend with Tiny Atlas xo Design Wine Sunshine

I’ve just discovered {+ instantly followed} Tiny Atlas’ Instagram feed. I’m thrilled!
If you have any sort of wanderlust like me, this round-up of adventurers from around the world will be absolutely intoxicating. Via this Instagram journey, you can start your day off in the Italian bazaars for breakfast, gaze over the beach horses in Barbados for lunch, & then catch a light-studded stroll in Hong Kong – after a luxurious dinner in Paris, of course. It’s mesmerizing, & exactly the day dream I could hope for while enduring the last hurrah of winter in Colorado.
All images above found via @tinyatlasquarterly
Enjoy, & happy weekend, everyone!

Happy Weekend from a Happy Beach : How to Pick Your Caribbean Island

how-to-pick-your-caribbean-islandRecently, I received word of this dreamy Tablet article Islands in the Sun : How to Pick Your Caribbean Island. My whole world stopped for a moment while I planned my ‘bbean vacay, dreaming I was kicked back in a hammock, sipping a crisp white wine, polka dot bikini clad. Thank you Tablet, for my weekly imaginative getaway. Here are my favorite highlights from the article, click here to read the entire piece if you like to daydream as well.

If you want to feel about as far as possible from the bright lights and noise of the city, Nevis is the place. There’s basically just one road of any consequence, making a circle around the island, and the drive takes all of two hours at a tropical pace. As for nightlife, think tree frogs calling to each other in the dark. The luxury on offer here is all about what’s absent — no noise, no light pollution, and above all no real cause for stress. What Nevis does have in abundance is natural beauty, with its vivid green slopes rising from the Caribbean. Read the full article here »

Puerto Rico has a little bit of everything, from Americanized mega-resorts crammed onto overdeveloped coastlines to elegant little hideaways in the middle of nowhere, with some fine Colonial-style hotels in Old San Juan in between. One aspect of the island that’s sometimes overlooked, however, is its more adventurous, outdoorsy side. Beyond the beaches, one can go horseback riding in the hills, biking in the mountains, hiking along rivers and lakes, even spelunking in the island’s extensive cave network.

This time of year, the weather’s a whole lot better in Bermuda. Technically that warm, crystalline water lapping against the beach is Atlantic rather than Caribbean, but the palm trees, blazing sun and soft pink sand don’t seem to have gotten the memo; choose the right beachside hotel and Bermuda still feels like a tropical island idyll. And the right hotel is the local outpost of the Mandarin Oriental. Despite the marooned-at-sea setting, the level of luxury on offer is perfectly up to standard, and each room comes with a breezy balcony or patio — a vantage point from which “real life” feels quite far away after all. Read the full article here »

There are more traditional Caribbean island destinations for diving (Turks & Caicos, for one), but few with quite the same bucket-list appeal as Ambergris Caye, off the coast of Belize. Second only to Australia’s, the Belizean Barrier Reef is home to a panoply of colorful fish, a couple sunken pirate ships, and a few underwater seascapes that look like pages of National Geographic come to life.

Somehow in Anguilla the sand just feels a little softer, the water a shade more crystalline than on the other Caribbean islands. There are beaches so perfect that even the palm trees seem to sway a bit more gently. It’s got more than just beaches, too. Anguilla is stylish but not blindingly glitzy; low-key but with just enough beach bars and barbecue shacks to keep the boredom at bay; with a music and art scene that never crosses the line into self-parody. And some of the hotels are stunners. The smartly designed Viceroy Anguilla, with its driftwood-inspired furnishings and eye-catching objets d’art, sits on thirty-five acres, alongside a private beach that spans the better part of a mile. Read the full article here »

All words a succinct version of the full article found on Tablet, right here »
Image above by Jim Covert aka LoudGazelle via Flickr »

Happy Weekend from Happy Beaches : NET-A-PORTER

Net-A-Porter xo Design Wine SunshineNet-A-Porter xo Design Wine SunshineNet-A-Porter xo Design Wine Sunshine

Ahhhh, life in Colorado as a beach lover. Especially with a cold spell of 38 days below zero – I find myself looking at the mountains through my office window and imagining little palm trees and swimsuits and fruity concoctions with mini umbrellas. Enter, Net-A-Porter’s vacation issue… thank goodness! These three are my favorite spreads from the issue, with the fun starting around page 27. Flip through for some luxe ideas about your next fantasy vacay. I truly believe if you send enough positive energy, good things will come! : )


Happy weekend! I’m off to California….weeee

design-wine-sunshine-vacation-to-california-Jan design-wine-sunshine-vacation-to-california-pinboard

Design, wine, sunshine, California….
Sometimes i think of all the words i should’ve put into this blog’s name, since the title represents things i love dearly. Of course, so many wonderful things had to be left out…dogs, good energy, standing desks, feng shui, laughter, yoga, caffeine, the list could be an entire post… and maybe it will be someday, hmmmmm. But BEACH & PALM TREES were definitely in the running. I love and not-so-love California in many ways, but its crazy shoreline and sublime weather always calls my name in the depth of a land-locked winter. This trip, as i’ve mentioned, is super-special ’cause we’re road trippin’ it with our pups all the way from Colorado. I’m so excited to bask in warmer temps that my heart is all aflutter. We depart tomorrow bright and early! I’d love it if you’d sync up with me on Instagram @designwinesunshine for lots of fun road-trip updates. ‘Til then, please enjoy the california dreamin’ pinboard i’ve tossed together, and these great snaps from the grid above (from top left to bottom right) one, two, three, four.
top’s mine. ; ) Kampai!

happy designer on vacay


wooohoo! i’m off to Auburn with my amazing beau Blaise, a brand new Rhodia Webby, and the kick-ass d5000 to capture the wacky memories of our huge tailgate and football game with friends and family. while i enjoyed a big glass of wine at DIA, i had to pause for a moment and cheers the universe. oh, how grateful i am to have these moments in my life! for we are all feeling young, spry, and spirited…. full of love. (i also have to mention that it’s snowing in Boulder, 80 degrees where we’re going…so…) i honestly cannot. be. happier.

– kampai!