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Wine + Design : Loving Hanzell Winery


As a web designer + wine lover, I’m SOOoooo loving this newly discovered site of Hanzell Wines. Their story is beautifully curated throughout their site in conversations of the vision, vineyard, & vinting process. You can tell there is a rich, delectable history behind this label with lots of love and happiness for the art of winemaking! From a design perspective, I adore their use of negative space, HTML typography, stunning script logo & gorgeous screen print-styled label. Love this quote from the Director of Winemaking, Michael McNeill :

“To embrace, understand and produce the Hanzell signature style requires great diligence in all facets. As we continually strive to elevate our wine to an even higher level of quality, great care is required in research, study and examination of each and every detail, both past and present.” —Michael McNeil

Hop over to Hanzell & enjoy all the beauty »

Rue Mag’s Wine Tasting 101

10-14-13-pr-wine-tasting-101-310-14-13-pr-wine-tasting-101-110-14-13-pr-wine-tasting-101-2 Recently, I caught this article on Rue Mag’s Professor Rue series on a simply put, happy guide to no fluff Wine Tasting 101 with Bluxome Winery. Here are a few of the things I took note of:

Swirl it up, baby.
The swirl is imporant to let the fragrance of fruit fill the glass, starting the aromatic party – so to speak. A simple swirl does the trick, and wine should be poured to the widest point of the glass. Let it breathe, let it breathe.

Acids & Tannins
White wines are more acidic, big reds have big tannins. The more acidic a white wine, you feel strong pangs on the sides of your tongue. The more tannins in a red, the dryer your mouth will become. To train the palate with a sensory visualization – think lemons for acidity, and black tea for tannins.

Legs may look great, but they have no insight to the quality of the wine. Simply a matter of gravity & viscosity, sugary heavy wines will have fat slow legs, and higher alcohol wines will be quick and thin.

Picking Wine
I love this one, because it’s recommended to simply go with a wine you love. Complement flavors of the food (light & bright, saucy & bold) with intensity of your wine, and you’ll be delighted.

How to Find the Wine You Love
You know, the way this article  puts it, this journey is a lot like dating. Simply get out there! Hit the wine bars, the foodie restaurants, the wineries, and start drinking. Ask sommeliers questions, grab advice whenever you can, and when you find a wine that floats your boat, ask for suggestions to others that are similar. And to avoid a rut – I always like to go with the bartender’s choice. It might not be a perfect fit, but it’s something new. Something flirtatious : ).

Catch the full article from Professor Rue right here »


Happy Weekend from Happy California Wine Country

Taking a weekend’s break from happy beaches, here’s a list of 5 fall things to do in fabulous California wine country, including Banshee’s new eclectic wine tasting room, Clos Pegase, and A summit estate tour and tasting at Jordan Winery. Found via this article from California Home + Design. Wish I could be there!

Happy weekend, & cheers!

Augustus, the Crazy

Oh Hai August from Design Wine Sunshine

August was The Confetti Booth. And one date with friends to an organic winery in Denver (red wine – no tannins – yaya), one date with my man, photography class with horses, then The Confetti Booth again. We did snatch some time to completely sand and repaint our West Elm dining table, check out a Westminster dog park, house hunt, tile some more of our happy condo, dive into a ton of paper stores, style a fresh desk paper shoot, and catch a fun baby shower, buuuut, this month was all about our little photo booth. We’ve turned it to an automated sonofagun with printing and we’re thrilled! Blaise worked his tail off – so big kudos to my handyman – and I’ve never worked so long and so hard on a backdrop we didn’t even get a chance to use. WOO! Here’s to working hard and lessons learned. Perhaps September will be a little more relaxed. Happy end of August, y’all! Cheers.